Alas, there used to be many more links than this, but some good original Sims sites remain. Here are my favorites.


AponeeSimz: Tons of beautiful, unique objects.

Around the Sims: French and English site with some really beautiful sets, unique themes and hacks.

Cómhair: Really beautiful historical and LotR skins, and some nice object sets.

Dincer Hepguler: Incredibly well-crafted furniture sets, and some unique items (like a helicopter!)

Ess Sims: Lots of neat stuff!

Ferndale Sims: Beautiful plants and build objects.

Madoria's World: Pretty sets, skins, apartment objects, and original bases.

Parsimonious: MANY gorgeous original sets in a variety of styles. Some nice skins and walls as well.

Persimmon Grove: Lovely garden and outdoors things, all EP-free.

The Secret Society of the Woobsha: Several nifty hacking projects, and DIY resources.

The Simarillion: Absolutely stunning Tolkien-themed skins (and some objects).

Simcredible: Snazzy, mostly modern sets.

Simlogical: No longer updated, but chock full of innovative hacks.

The Sims Resource: Paysite, but Sims 1 content is now free. A mixed bag; some stuff is crap, some (like Secret Sims and STPCarly) is truly impressive.

Yahoo! Groups

ShinySimThings: My Y!Group, holding miscellaneous stuff that I haven't/won't move over here.

Shiny Things Shared: My other Y!Group, where I post my apartment objects. Some bases too!

Sim Apartments: More apartment stuff.

PollyMogs: Some lovely original objects and base objects.

Sim Dandies: An oldie but goodie -- many beautiful walls and floors.


Neighborhood 99: Sims Central! Updates, file sharing, tips, and random chat.

Simblesse Oblige: Another thriving forum.

SimsOne: For the diehards among us.

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