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How do I put these things into my game?

All the files are in .zip format. You will need a program to extract them; many people use WinZip, some versions of Windows come with the function built in. Then you need to put the extracted files into the proper folders so that your Sims game can read them.

* (either should work, the first makes it easier to remember where they come from)

I'm confuuuuused! Isn't there an easier way?

Okay. Go download SimFileMaid. It will do most of the work for you. I just use WinZip because I'm a control freak and I like to know exactly where I'm putting stuff.

Hey, how come this object disappeared in my game?

Probably it's originally from an expansion pack you don't have. All my objects are made with The Sims Deluxe and Hot Date installed. If it says (LL) under it on the download page, it needs Deluxe or Livin' Large. If it says (HD), it needs Hot Date. If it says (TS) it should be fine in anybody's game, but I can't promise.

Will you make $REQUEST?

If I feel like it, and if I have the skills, and if I have the time. I can't hack or mesh at more than a kindergarten level, and I can't do animations. Other stuff, well, I'm open to suggestions.

Are you going to make stuff for The Sims 2?


But why?

Because my computer can't take it, I can't afford a new one, and frankly I'm just not that into S2.

How about The Sims 3?

Same answer; my desktop doesn't even meet the minimum specs for S3. I wish it did, as I've test-driven the game and it looks like the best of everything that S2 half-assed, but no such luck. I might make some patterns, if I can get my sister to playtest them for me.

When are you going to update?

When I feel like it.

Can I link to you?

Er, yes. It's a free Internet. I'd prefer it if you linked to my short URL, http://www.simerables.co.nr/, because that's unlikely to change. (simerables.tk will also work for the moment, but it involves ugly-ass ads and stuff.)

Will you link to me?

If I feel like it. I'm more likely to feel like it if you have good stuff, and you're at least partially a TS1 site, and your layout doesn't make my eyes bleed. I'm an elitist bitch that way.

My game is messed up! How do I fix it?

Dude, I can barely get my own game to work half the time. Ask the good folks at Neighborhood 99. Or Google.

Your site's ugly. And your downloads are ugly. And you're ugly.

Thank you.

I have another question....

Reread this page carefully, and if you're sure the answer is not here, hit up my formspring.