...to Shiny Things, formerly Les Simérables, formerly Shiny Things, where I keep my Sims stuff.

In Sims circles I go by Mhari. I was on the staff at Livin-It-Up.net for a couple of years before it closed; most of my LIU stuff is now hosted by Saving The Sims. Anything new that I happen to come up with will be posted (you guessed it) here.

Enjoy your stay!


1/Aug/2010: Fixed the bath downloads -- thanks to anon for the tip.

31/Jul/2010: And the rest of the Advent items are up.

30/Jul/2010: And here you thought I, like the immortal Mrs. Parker, was just out in the ladies' room this whole time. But no! I just embarked on a complete site overhaul and then fled from it in terror, and then lost my Sims disc, and... yeah.

Here, then, is the new site, which is pretty much like the old site except slightly better organized, and in a vague motion toward actually updating I have moved the Christmas skins from the 2008 Advent Calendar to the new Christmas section under Themes. I will shift the rest of the calendar items as I can; in the meantime you can still find all of them here.

If you see any bugs in the site -- download links not working, etc. -- drop me a line here.